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    Texturing Information format            
    Texturing information format (JAPANESE)            
    CERA SHIBO(セラシボ)


    G COAT:
    Forming a chemical and wear resistant protective layer on tool surface, which is offered as a solution against appearance problems on molded parts, such as ghosting or white marks (micro-scuffing).

    The name 'G COAT'
    'G' stands for the initials of General, Great, Gloss control, Grow up etc.
    We named it G COAT in hope of further glowth, effects in future.

      CS shell

    CS shell:

    CS shell is a brand-new tool for vacuum forming. CERASHIBO is a technique of forming convex and concave pattern on tool surface, which was casted from an original master from heat and wear resistant material.
    BANA TONE(バナトーン)


    Texture-concious colored and textured foil (non-PVC). Flexible for anybody to apply easily.
    REAL TECH(リアルテック)

    Realtech 2:

    Textured foil to be applied on tool surface, which enables molding with the quality equivalent to mass-production.
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